Dennis McCurdy's Find A Way
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Your Own Approval

As you all know, I worked on my first book, for two years. The book is appropriately titled Find A Way. I've also written a six-week, 9 1/2 hours workshop, which I run five to six times a year. I started and conducted a monthly Mastermind Group for anyone who has attended the workshops. The purpose of the Mastermind Group is to provide a venue for continuing the work that began in the workshop. The group works on setting goals, planning, staying on track, and achieving life dreams.

While adding the finishing touches to the last chapter "the conclusion" of my book, the target press date was May 15th. My editor Rita, has asked me to write about what I have learned from the experience, what trials and tribulations I encountered and what were some of the challenges that I came up against.

I've had a few thoughts, one I want to tell you about today. It came up just this morning as I was preparing for tonight's workshop. Every week I distribute postcards to the attendees, each with famous quotations. Tonight's is by Mark Twain "a man cannot be comfortable without his own approval." And as I was preparing and looking back it all the work I've done to promote my workshops and some of the things that maybe I haven't done. I wondered... have I given myself permission to succeed in this venture. Have I approved of what I'm doing? If I don't give myself that approval it will be difficult, if not impossible to succeed. I will have to think about this for a while.

My question to you then is: are the things you are doing in your life that you want to do? And have you given yourself the approval you need to start and to succeed? Whatever you're doing, whatever you enjoy doing, give yourself permission, permission to fully succeed. Think about it, and if you need to give yourself it, give yourself the approval you need to do the things you want and to succeed at living the life you want.

Here's one of my all-time favorite quotations and I have no clue who said it. "Your life is not your rehearsal, it is the main act" Give yourself the approval you need to succeed every day and start today.