Dennis McCurdy's Find A Way
Get What You Want, Get What You Deserve.

Attitude, Altitude Checklist

Review your Attitude Altitude every day. It only takes a minute and it will help you elevate your attitude.

How's my thinking Positive -I am looking forward to the challenges of the day. I will accomplish many things today. I will be aware of the altitude of my attitude.

I will take risk today - Ask for what I need/want

Ask for the business

Make decisions

Make that call (s)

Change- Change will occur and I will embrace it rather than fear it.

Focus-I will keep myself on task and do what I need to do today.

Health- I will do healthy things for my mind and body.

Other people- I will embrace others, encourage others (avoid negative-whining-complaining people) and pump myself up. If I get down. I will remind myself I am a positive, motivated, action oriented person. I will remind others they are too. I will be the light. I will seek people with a high altitude attitude.

This too shall pass If for any reason things don't go well for the moment, I will remind myself that it is only a moment. Most things pass. Molehills I will keep molehills, just that, molehills and work to make mountains into molehills. Whatever happens I can and will handle it. I will Find A Way.

Hard things- If something appears difficult or hard, I will remind myself I can do hard things. Often "hard" is just a matter of perception.

Extra mile- I can go the extra mile.

Humor- I will look for the humor in life and use this to keep my attitude altitude and that of others high.

Values- I will maintain my values.

Be present I will be present/aware today. Present in my environment, with people and myself. I will remind myself to live in the moment.

ResponsibilityI will accept responsibility for my actions, my part in everything. Knowing this helps me make better decisions.

Counsel I will seek guidance and help whenever I need it.

Visualize my dream and goals

Today I will take time to think about my dreams and goals and take ACTION. I will Find A Way.

~ Dennis