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Let Yourself Stink

No, I'm not talking about not the smelling kind, like BO, or not washing your clothes, (although my children use to have contests to see how long they could go without a shower, that's another story). To let yourself stink means to expand, to try something more, something new, something different. You always "stink" at new things in the beginning. It takes time, takes making mistakes, takes failure, and corrective practice to improve.

Too often people won't try things because they are afraid they will stink and are concerned too much about WOPT -- "What Other People Think." They have a tight grip on and get hung up on always being right or being perfect. Carol Dweck, Ph.D., author of "Mindset" called this a "fixed mindset" and it affects many, even very smart and talented people, especially those who are invested in looking good at all times.

I had a friend who was an amazing athlete. He had even tried out for the Red Sox. I tried to get him to go skiing with me, but he wouldn't because he wouldn't be good at it. I would be better than him. Well, of course I would be better because I went through the "stink process" to get good. And every time I worked at improving, I stunk some more because for every level there is another devil.

The only way you get better is to stink first, and then follow up with understanding why and practicing, improving. It doesn't matter whether it is skiing, knitting, sales, public speaking, or marketing, your business. Always remember, "For every level, there is another devil."

I hope for 2020 you become a BIG STINKER. You can Find A Way to Stink.

~ Dennis